Entice Your Taste Buds!

Here, at Yumm Kebab, we have a rage for ripeness and quality, both in the customer service we offer and the food we provide, on which our stature as one of the best Kabab restaurants in Strathpine, has been built.

Enticing Halal Food Service:

Our unique form of traditional and authentic cuisine from the last few years is sure to entice while still attaining that homemade feel. If you are looking for HSP in North Brisbane, we offer an alluring spectrum of cuisine in an exclusively refined environment.

When it comes to the cuisine we serve, our beef and lamb menu is a huge favorite, and this will surely become not just your first fond step into our cuisine, but the second, third, and fourth. Fulfill your missing experience; do not leave without having relished our halal meat.

Yumm Kebab has exclusively compiled a new dimension to eating out in Strathpine with the introduction of enticing food in the form of Halal Snack Pack (HSP), Lamb, chicken or Mix Kebab Halal Meat, Falafel, Fish & Chips, Burgers and more.

On offer is inviting Turkish dish prepared by a unit of well trained experts. We are professionals in the field and we strive to provide the best quality of services and food to our customers.

Kabab House

Our famous authentic Halal Snack Pack(HSP), prepared by professionals, offers you the opportunity to acknowledge one of the finest cuisines in store. With our mouth-watering meals available, you are in for a tempting treat here at Yumm Kebab. If that is not good enough to make you happy, you can opt for enjoying our enticing Falafel accessible every day!

Are you seeking to celebrate a memorable experience of enjoying the delicious Turkish cuisines? Here, at Yumm Kebab, we take immense pride in the service we present and would like to greet you with a warm welcome in Strathpine and share our excitement for the finest Afghan and Turkish cuisines altogether.