Welcome to Yumm Kebab

Yumm Kebab is an enticing Kebab shop in Strathpine. Our world renowned special lamb shanks and inviting Falafel in Strathpine have exclusively earned its place in history.

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Why Yumm Kebab?

We are thrilled about each and every cuisine that exclusively leaves the kitchen space. Quality food served at the highest level, endowing one of the most loved dining restaurants in Strathpine.

Our professionals blend their way, passionately delivering amazingly prepared enticing cuisines in an energetic environment. We have highly praised experts with years of knowledge and experience in preparing traditional Afghan and Turkish dishes.

Enticing Halal Food Service:

Our unique form of traditional and authentic cuisine from the last few years is sure to entice while still attaining that homemade feel. If you are looking for Special Lamb Shanks in Toronto, we offer an alluring spectrum of cuisine in an exclusively refined environment.

When it comes to the cuisine we serve, our beef and lamb menu is a huge favorite, and this will surely become not just your first fond step into our cuisine, but the second, third, and fourth. Fulfill your missing experience; do not leave without having relished our halal meat.