Yumm Kebab has exclusively compiled a new dimension to eating out in Strathpine with the introduction of enticing food in the form of Lamb Tikka Kebab, Halal Meat, Falafel and more.

On offer is inviting Turkish dish prepared by a unit of well trained experts. We are professionals in the field and we strive to provide the best quality of services and food to our customers.

Kabab House

Amazing Halal Food service:

We are passionate about each and every cuisine we prepare. Enticing cuisines are being presented here at a superior level, enhancing one of the most renowned restaurants in Strathpine.

Here, at your beloved kebab shop in Strathpine, each meal will have its own unique flavor which cannot come from any sort of powder, but from spices which have to be prepared each day fresh for each individual dish. The preparation and blending of the spices are an exceptional format and fully ascendant to Afghan and Turkish food.

Pungent, aromatic, and warm spices from the corners of the country are exclusively unified in a precise amount to prepare the enticing meals we serve to our clients.